Enterprise message

"Sawa is a leading Palestinian institution established in 1998, and is committed to providing support, protection and social counseling to survivors of violence. It works to provide community awareness services. Its most important priority is to combat all forms of violence, abuse and neglect against women and children, and it seeks to network with the community and decision-makers to spread human values and equality." gender equality to create a dignified life and a safer society.

Enterprise vision

“Sawa Foundation seeks to be an initiative for a Palestinian society that combats all forms of violence and abuse against women and children, and supports human health, dignity and safety.”

Enterprise goals

1- Combating all forms and levels of violence against women, children and other marginalized groups in Palestinian society. 2- Spreading the culture of a safe society that combats violence against women and children 3- Raising issues of violence, abuse and neglect from the family level to the societal level

Enterprise History

⏺1998 The beginning was in Jerusalem, where the Women’s Protection Line from Violence was established.

⏺2004 Establishment of the Palestinian Child Protection National Line Program 121 with the aim of providing support, guidance and support to children, young men and women who are subjected to any form of violence, abuse and neglect.
⏺2005 Sawa became a member of the global network of child helplines (CHI).

⏺2006 Obtaining the free line number (121) from the Palestinian Telecommunications Company.

⏺2007 Preparing training curricula for professionals (police: Public Prosecution, doctors, psychologists) and training them on the mechanisms of intervention and methods of dealing with victims of violence among women and children.

⏺2008 Issuing a brief paper entitled “Trafficking in Palestinian Women and Girls and Forced Prostitution, Models of Modern Slavery,” which received great attention as it was the first of its kind in Palestine.

The first war on Gaza and the transformation of the protection line into an emergency line that works 24/7, seven days a week.

⏺2009 The start of using an enterprise database connected to the digital phone system, thus the documentation of calls increased from 300 calls per month to more than 1,000 calls per month

⏺2010 The Sawa Foundation received the Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development, under the title “The Role of NGOs in Supporting and Strengthening the Use of Information and Communication Technology for the Development of Remote and Rural Communities” from the Arab Gulf Development Program “AGFUND”.

⏺2011 Establishment of the Mobile Psychosocial Clinic Program with the aim of raising awareness in remote and marginalized areas.

Start involving men to combat violence against women.

⏺2012 Establishment of the Face-to-Face Counseling Center, and the “Let’s Talk” program.

Moving to an emergency line that works 24/7 during the war on the Gaza Strip, to meet the needs of the police and for a period of 6 months.

The legal advisor of the Sawa Foundation has chosen lawyer Jalal Khader as a member of the advisory committee for the development of communication technology for child helplines in the world, which is made up of representatives of Sawa in 6 member countries of the global network of child helplines

The election of the director of the Sawa Foundation, Ohila Schumer, to represent the Middle East and North Africa for a period of two years in the global network of child helplines based in the Netherlands.

The French Consulate nominates Sawa for a human rights award for the French state.

⏺2014 “Sawa” worked on updating and developing the listening center from 5 to 10 listening units to respond to a larger number of callers.

To move to an emergency line that operates 24/7 during the war on the Gaza Strip, to meet the needs of the population, and for a period of 6 months. This year, 29,618 calls were documented.

⏺2010-2014 Sawa transferred its experience in managing and operating child and women support lines to other Arab countries.
⏺2015 Sawa Foundation won the International Stars Impact “Al-Dabbagh” award for the year 2015, for its excellence in its impact on children and youth in society.

⏺2016 Establishment of a mobile sexual and reproductive health clinic to work in Area C
The Sawa Foundation held its annual conference under the title “Generations Under the Hammer of Porn.”

⏺2017 Sawa Foundation held its annual conference under the title “Social Media Crushes Realistic Social Communication.

⏺2018 Sawa Foundation became a trusted partner of Facebook.

The Sua Foundation launched the first annual competition for the one-minute film.

⏺2019 Adding the guidance service through chatting on the WhatsApp application.

The start of the second competition of the One Minute Film Competition.

⏺2020 Transition to a 24/7 contingency plan to respond to the emergency resulting from COVID-19.

Distributing 72 computers to school students who need them as part of the Education Without Borders campaign – a computer for every child.

A great success for the One Minute Film Competition, with the participation of thirty films from nine different countries.

Launching the sawa121 application, which aims to protect people from harassment.

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