Film Competition

Sawa Organization launches the second competition for the “One Minute Film” each year under the title “Equal despite differences” on the occasion of the “16 Days of Combating Violence against Women” campaign.

Equality is the enjoyment of all political, economic and social rights without discrimination, while discrimination is one of the most important tools of societal violence, and one of the most important manifestations of this type of violence is the fight against the different other.

The competition aims to consolidate the idea of equality between all citizens and combat all forms of discrimination, including but not limited to: Are you a woman or a man, in good health or with a disability, white or dark in color, a city-dweller or a resident of the village or camp, son of the Yashar family She has a son or unknown parentage, belongs to a religious belief or a sect, belongs to a party or organization, we all have the right to enjoy equal rights after performing our full duties.

Competition Terms

  • The film must be related to the competition theme.
  • Duration of the film: The duration of the film should not exceed one minute (60 seconds).
  • Artistic creativity: You can choose the style and artistic style that you see fit. The film may be an acting scene, documentary, dialogue, silent, animated pictures or any of the other styles.
  • Lighting, where required, to an acceptable degree for television broadcasting and publishing.
  • If real characters are found in the film, they must be approved in writing / and if the film is a drama, the actors must agree to the terms of the competition and copyrights.
  • Intellectual property: The content of the film must be produced by the participant himself, with respect for intellectual property rights when quoting or with the music used.
  • The participant sends the film to the e-mail [email protected] The participant also provides us with a link from which we can download the film, which may be (Google Drive/dropbox) or something else. The participant also provides us with three still images from the movie to be used in promoting his product.
  • Sawa Foundation reserves the right to reject any film that contains scenes that are too harsh or do not fit the theme of the competition.
  • Publication rights: Films that pass the second stage by selecting them by the jury committee, Sawa Foundation becomes an exclusive distributor for them and owns 55% of the ownership right, and has the full right to use the film or parts of it on all social media sites and other places with the aim of spreading awareness or participating in international competitions . The participant also acknowledges that he has the right to dispose of the film and has no partners to do so. The participant is not entitled to assign his rights in the film to a third party in a way that offends the rights of the Sawa Foundation.
  • Sawa Foundation has the right to translate the film or parts of it into other languages.

First Competition

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Third Competition

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