Sawa a Facebook partner

Sawa is a trusted partner with Facebook

The Sawa Foundation is the only one in Palestine that has the status of a trusted partner for Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, which aims to reduce discrimination, hatred, harassment and extortion through social media.
What does it mean to be a trusted partner of Facebook?
Sawa Foundation, as a trusted partner, is able to communicate directly with Facebook and demand the removal of any assault, abuse or harassment targeting the victim through messages, pictures or films to incite discrimination and hatred against him.
Types of abuse that are intervened to remove:
1- Discrimination and hatred: They include insults based on race, religion, or gender, and contain profanity or insults
2- Harassment: Any offensive comments, pictures or movies.
3- Child abuse: Publishing inappropriate pictures or films for children or publishing using profanity or insults to them.

Reporting and Intervention Mechanism:
1- Sawa Foundation works around the clock, seven days a week.
2- Call the toll-free number 121 from the West Bank and Gaza, and 1800500121 from Jerusalem, or via the WhatsApp number +972594040121.
3- The guide requests that all abusive publications and links that prove the abuse be sent to the e-mail [email protected], or to the institution’s WhatsApp number.
4- All materials sent are reviewed by the specialized staff at Sawa Foundation, to ensure that the application complies with the standards agreed upon with Facebook.
5- Facebook will check the offending content and then remove the infringement within 24 hours and inform the organization about it.

– When contacting the institution, the person is provided with links for direct communication with Facebook:
• If the account is stolen and the password has been changed.
• Fake account: In the event of creating a page in the name of a person without his knowledge, using photos and personal information.

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