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You can help lots of people by donating little. See our causes.

Patient and Family Support

Everything we do is driven by our mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and…



This cause is meant to raise funds to build a chain of schools in Malawi, Burundi,…


Education to Every Child

In the XXI century, there are still plenty of countries where education is forbidden to women.


Donate Blood & Save a Life

We still have a few more charitable rounds to go before Charlie can return to normal. In the meantime, we are so grateful to everyone who participated in the last month's fundraiser.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are a valuable resource to support the planet. Hope is more than ten thousand volunteers in different countries. Our primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

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Nearest Events

Is a Nonprofit Internship the Best Choice for You?

10 June، 2022 8:00 am

Is a Nonprofit Internship the Best Choice for You?

For many people, charity is a way of life. One question is how much to give throughout your lifetime and what to leave as charitable gifts in your...

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Child Rights Consultation

2 October، 2022 8:00 am

Child Rights Consultation

Our organization stands for the right to education for every child and person on this planet. This event is meant to raise funds to build a chain...

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Donate Today to Save Children From the Trauma of Abuse

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