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SAWA121 Application :

The first of its kind in Palestine, it provides distinguished services, including reporting harassment in public places, booking an appointment with a doctor to obtain remote medical advice with the ability to download the application on all mobile phone devices Android and iOS (iPhone) and obtaining remote medical advice.

What distinguishes the SAWA121 application

  • The possibility of contacting the Sawa Foundation by phone or using SMS via WhatsApp and speak with a psychosocial counselor.
  • Possibility to call the police and ambulance when necessary.

Your doctor icon:

  • Wherever you are, you can book an appointment with the doctor.
  • Get a free consultation using audio and video via WhatsApp.
  • Public harassment icon.

Public harassment icon.

  • Women determine the type of harassment they are exposed to in public places, whether it is verbal or physical.
  • Register the complaint on the harassment map in order to identify the places dangerous for women.
  • See the map of harassment in public places, and thus choose the safest roads and markets.
  • Educating women about how to defend themselves in the event of harassment, through the list of instructions provided by the application.
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